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Yukon Advanced Optics Help & Advice


Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2019 - Edition 2.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2019 - Edition 1.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive Pulsar & Yukon Brochure 2018 - Edition 2.


What is Stream Vision?

Stream Vision is a FREE software application used in the latest Digital Pulsar & Yukon devices. It allows the connection between a smartphone & Pulsar or Yukon device I.E: Digital Night Vision unit, Thermal Imager, etc.

What Can I do with Stream Vision?

- Stream vision allows you to stream live video from your optical to device to your smartphone as well as to platforms such as YouTube.

- Users can also use their Smartphone to operate their optical device remotely.

- Users transfer data from their optical device to their smartphones for storage in addition to sharing photo/video content via Gmail, Viber, Whats App, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Hangouts, YouTube, as well as multiple google platforms.

- Users can have access to a built-in Ballistic Calculator

- Stream Vision also allows users to use their optical device a motion detector

Addtional Information?

The Stream Vision App has frequent updates offering improved functionality, features and usability. Compatible with both Android and Apple IOS. Download from Google Play or Apple iStore.

Please note that not all Pulsar and Yukon devices feature Stream Vision. If you wish to know if a device has this function please contact us for more information or visit the products web page.

Before updating the firmware make sure that your device is connected to power or battery shows the full charge. 1.) PAIR: Connect your smartphone to ypur device via Wi-Fi then launch the Stream Vision Application. Wait the device name appears on the home screen of the Stream Vision Application. Now your device is synchronised with the application.

2.) UNPAIR: Disconnect your smartphone from the device.

3.) CONNECT: Connect your smartphone to the internet.

4.) CHECK & DOWNLOAD: Launch the Stream Vision Application, go to My Devices and make sure that the device name listed in the panel is your current device. Press the "Check for update" button when ready. If the new firmware is available, the button will become blue with a message saying "Download new software" followed by the size. Press the button to initiate the download to your smartphone.

5.) PAIR: Connect your smartphone to your device via Wi-Fi then launch the Stream Vision Application.

6.) UPDATE: Go to My Devices and press update firmware button (highlighted in blue). The progress bar will appear on the screen of your smartphone. Wait until the firmware file will be copied to the device. The installation will start automatically. You will see the installation progress bar on the screen of your device. After the firmware update is complete, the device will shut down automatically.

Please find below the Stream Vision App Quick Guides for Android & iOS Systems.

Stream Vision Quick Guide (Android)

Stream Vision Quick Guide (iOS)


It is possible to record footage through a Night Vision Device, providing it has a built-in video recorder. Alternatively, you can use a MPR (Mobile Player Recorder). Please check compatibility before purchasing and/or contact us for further information on this matter.

To view the MPR please click Here.


Cover Ring Adaptors are special mounts that attach to the objective lens of a day optic. This allows for the installation of additional devices such as front mounted NV or thermal units, etc.

Insert Rings are moulded to fit specifically sized objective lenses. This ensures that the Cover Ring Adaptor Attaches to the objective lens housing safely.

Please Note that Cover Ring Adaptors and their inserts can remain on a day scope to act as a protective cover when not in use.

If you require any help and advice about our products, please contact us:

t: 01789 264100
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