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Wiley X Tactical Neoprene Facemask- 5mm


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Tactical Neoprene Facemask- 5mm

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Wiley X Tactical Neoprene Facemask- 5mm



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Tactical Neoprene Facemask- 5mm

Product Description

A face mask made of 5mm neoprene for optimum protection. The Velcro strap allows a comfortable custom fit and a ventilated mouthpiece keeps it ventilated. It has an ear zone so you can fit communications systems and comes with a ventilated storage bag and name tag.


- Constructed from Neoprene
- 5mm thick for optimum protection
- Large adjustable Velcro strap
- Ventilated mouthpiece and nose
- Designed for com system to fit in ear area
- Includes ventilated store bag with name tag