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Spypoint Technology

Remote Access: Live and Live-3G


How It Works: SpyPoint LIVE-WIFI Technology



The WiFi trail camera is a high-tech, innovative new addition to the SpyPoint range. It offers very similar functionality and specification to the LIVE & LIVE-3G camera, but can be connected to via WiFi instead of a mobile network. There are two options for connecting to the camera:

  • The camera can be connected to directly via a WiFi enabled device such as a mobile phone, laptop or table computer. When connected to in this way pictures and videos can be viewed or settings can be changed.

  • The second method of connect to the camera is to join the camera to an existing wireless network. Any computer on the network can then access the camera or, when in MySpyPoint mode, it can be connected to via the internet – i.e. using any web enabled device. A subscription to the MySpyPoint website will be required. For a free demo to the mySpyPoint website. Enter: and 123456 as the password.

The WiFi camera is compatible with SpyPoint Remos technology and comes with the RC-1 remote control. The RC-1 can turn the cameras WiFi system on or off which will preserve the battery life of the camera and prevent unauthorised access. Available separately is the MS-1 Motion Sensor and IRB-W infrared Booster.

An advantage that it has over the LIVE-3G camera is that recorded movies, with sound, can be accessed remotely.

For use in a standalone mode the camera has a built in 3.5” viewing/setup screen and all recorded media is stored on a (up to 32GB) SD/SDHC memory card. Like all SpyPoint cameras with infrared illumination, the 48 LED’s are automatically adjusted to provide optimum illumination in low light conditions. Black and white images and movies are recorded at night and colour images and movies are recorded in the day. Still images are 8 mega pixels in size, and movies are record in the standard VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels.

SpyPoint’s WiFi camera is available with a Black or Camo body shell which makes it an ideal trail camera for workplace security applications, tech savvy hunters or conservation studies when in range of a wireless network.


How It Works: SpyPoint LIVE and LIVE-3G Technology


Although a sophisticated piece of technology, SpyPoint LIVE cameras are straight forward to use and come with a comprehensive set of instructions.

  • The camera owner will need to purchase a mobile data SIM card from one of the mainstream mobile service providers such as Vodafone, Orange, Talk Mobile, O2 or Truphone. This can be on a contract or prepaid. In the case of the LIVE-3G it will need to be a sim card that gives access to the 3G network.

  • The SIM card is inserted in to the SpyPoint camera, configured, and the camera is then set up as with any other SpyPoint camera.

  • To start using the camera the camera owner will need to go online to to setup their account and register their SpyPoint LIVE camera.

Simple to Use

Once the setup of the camera is complete the benefits of not having to visit the camera regularly – such as interrupting the baited area or travelling long distances - to review the captured pictures can be fully exploited:

  • When the camera is triggered a full resolution (5 mega pixel on the LIVE and 8 megapixels in the LIVE-3G) picture is taken and is stored on the SD/SDHC memory card in the camera. Simultaneously, a low resolution picture (160x120 pixel thumbnail) is sent via the chosen mobile network to the camera owner’s MySpyPoint account online. Depending upon the camera configuration an email can be sent to the camera owner alerting them that that camera has been triggered.

  • The MySpyPoint account can be accessed via any internet enabled device so camera owners can login using their home/work computers or even their smartphone. Once logged in to the MySpyPoint account thumbnails of the pictures can be browsed, selected and a larger 640x480 pixel image can be retrieved from the camera as required. This allows camera owners to control the cost of using the camera as they are only paying for the thumbnails (very small in terms of data usage) and high resolution pictures they choose to download. As a rough guide a prepaid 100 MB per month data plan would allow for 5000 thumbnails or 1000 high resolution pictures (or a combination of both formats) to be downloaded.

  • The MySpyPoint website shows a calendar with the number of pictures taken per day, the pictures can also be grouped in to albums.

Remote Security and Configuration

The SpyPoint LIVE cameras also have remote security and configuration features that take full advantage of the wireless interface:

  • If the camera is moved or unexpectedly shocked an email alert will be sent to the camera owner. Regardless of whether the camera has been stolen, damaged or even destroyed the captured images will be safely stored in the owners MySpyPoint account.

  • The cameras delay between detection, multi-shot mode and picture resolution settings can all be configured via the MySpyPoint website.

  • Vital information such as the cameras battery life and the storage capacity of SD/SDCH card can be monitored without having to visit the camera. In fact, if the SpyPoint LIVE camera is using the rechargeable SP-LIT-09 Lithium Battery and the SpyPoint SP-SP-12V Solar Panel as a charging source, theoretically, the camera will never need to be visited.

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