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Hazard 4 Stick-Up™ Modular Universal Velcro Holster


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Stick-Up™ Modular Universal Velcro Holster

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Hazard 4 Stick-Up Modular Universal Velcro Holster - Black



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Stick-Up™ Modular Universal Velcro Holster

Product Description

This Velcro-backed holster is compatible with many Hazard 4 packs/bags and will work with existing loop-fastener faced gear to secure items where they are most convenient to reach. Initially designed as a pistol holster, it also holds larger items such as police radios, laptop chargers, etc. It is also the only pistol holster in its class with an adjustable thumb-break retainer for safer round-chambered carry since the trigger can't become accidentally exposed.


  • Adjusts to fit most popular pistol sizes
  • Stiffened spine prevents 'wobbling'
  • Stiffened thumb-break for crisp release
  • Fuzzy interior protects pistol surface finish
  • Retainer is easily removable if unwanted