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Cobra Optics Titan DSA™


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Gen 2+ Russian


Titan DSA™

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Gen 2+ Russian

Cobra Optics Titan DSA™

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Titan DSA™

Product Description

The Titan DSA™ and Titan HDSA™ comprise a Cobra Optics Titan™ Monocular with either a DSA (Day Scope Adaptor) or a HDSA (Hinged Day Scope Adaptor). Either of these adaptors allow the Titan™ to be fitted to the back of a day telescopic sight enabling you to shoot at night with the day telescopic sight still attached to the gun.

The HDSA allows the night vision unit to be pivoted out of the way with locking positions at 90° and 180°. This is useful when operating at night in both brightly lit areas, where you do not need to use the unit, and then moving to dark areas allowing you to flip the unit in to position when required. The Titan™ has a 1.0x magnification and a 40° field of view. It has a 27mm f1.0 lens and has a short-range IR built into the bodyshell. The Titan DSA™ uses a single AA battery (not included). An additional high power IR illuminator is recommended to get the best results due to the light loss through the day sight when used at night.